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Blue Ribbon Award Winning DAW Console

Make quick and accurate mixes with MotorMix2 !

MotorMix2 is a professional compact and powerful control surface for audio professionals who are tired of the literally hundreds of passes necessary to mix and edit with point-and-click mixing with a mouse. The small footprint belies the in depth access to all of your DAW mixer functions.

MotorMix2 features a bright 80 character backlit display for track labels, pan positions, send levels and plug-ins. The “view” switches allow a single MotorMix to control any number of channels, 8 at a time.

Each MotorMix2 channel features a touch sensitive long-throw motorized fader, dedicated Mute and Solo switches and a “Burn Button” to control audio recording and automation. The rotary pots give instant access to pans, aux sends, plug-ins, input-output assignments and channel automation modes. MotorMix2 is sized to fit on any desktop and is light enough to move aside or put on your lap for eyes closed mixing.

The Fader flip option is a really slick way to set up your aux levels quickly using the motorized faders.

MotorMix2 functions as a stand alone controller or as an 8 channel expansion unit for MotorMate.

Here is a review of MotorMix2:

MotorMix2 is the most compact unit of its kind that I have seen, with motorized faders. CM Labs seems acutely aware of the variety of studio situations in which this product is bound to be used. MotorMix2 conserves physical space, yet the layout is roomy and comfortable. In addition, multiple MotorMix2 controllers can be mechanically connected into a single "linear" package or with "wedge" inserts (available from CMLABS.net) to form an arc. Some of the 56 back-lit switches are labeled, while others are strictly user-defined, and all can be applied to a variety of mixer, transport and plug-in functions. The first thing you'll notice about MotorMix2 is its rock-solid feel. From the full-throw 100mm faders to the 40-column by two-row alphanumeric display, the unit feels totally pro with no "flexing" of any kind when a switch is pressed. A quick peek under the hood reveals high-quality Fiberglas-epoxy circuit boards with plenty of support. This is not a disposable product but one that can grow with your needs. 

Some workstations support multiple MotorMix2 units — Pro Tools accepts up to four. Workstation manufacturers are responsible for supplying the appropriate drivers. For example, Console Manager is the Soundscape applet that allows users to select MotorMix2 from a list of supported controllers. Within Soundscape's Settings menu is a user option to boot Console Manager along with the workstation. Once this is done the first time, simply select "Save Settings," and it becomes transparent.

While the manual focuses on the Pro Tools interface, MotorMix2 can be used with a variety of workstations, including Minnetonka's stereo and 5.1 surround software. Working on my Soundscape system, I got right to work on a mix from scratch, and it sure was great to be able to put down the mouse and simply audition individual tracks. All of my onscreen track labels showed up in MotorMix2's LCD above each channel strip. MotorMix2 can only display four characters for each channel. Thus, I modified some of the onscreen track descriptions to make the most of what could be displayed on the LCD. At the upper left corner of the controller is a pair of View buttons that advance channel access to either the next bank of eight or the next group of four, depending on which of those switches is selected. To take full advantage of the 100mm faders and of Soundscape's automation, some global levels are set onscreen. For example, "overdriven" electric guitars can be recorded hot, resulting in fader positions 20 dB down from nominal. Automation systems do not have as much resolution in this area; trimming the track's level down 20 dB allowed the fader to "live" at nominal. From this point, I made all fader and mute moves from MotorMix2, including lead vocal composites. MotorMix2 always responded with speed and precision.

• 8 touch sensitive100mm high reliability motorized faders
• 8 endless hi-resolution rotary pots for fader/pan/send/plug-in
• Mute, Solo, Record / Write, Multi, Select switches in channels
• Includes accessory jack for expansion via CM Labs Dashboard
• Window controls to open and close software windows
• View and Bank switches access any 8-channels at a time
• Play, Stop, F Forward, Rewind and next / last locate switches
• Autopunch controls and window select switchers
• Save and Undo switches for reliable file control
• Plug-in selector and parameter control
• 4 modifier keys to increase functionality
• Edit mode and tool control switches
• Supported by most DAW applications, ProTools, Cakewalk, Cycling 74, Emagic, MOTU, and Steinberg, among others.
• Internal Power Supply
• Small size: 10.5" (W) x  12.5" (D) x  4.75" (H) / 10.5 x 31.8 x 12.1 cm.

Pro Tools Support Status :
CM Labs MotorMate and MotorMix2 support is currently available in all Pro Tools LE, TDM, HD and Accel systems. Support is also available for Mbox, Digi 001, 002, and 002 Rack.

MotorMix2 must be in in ProTools mode. If it is not in PT mode, press Play and Escape on MotorMix2 to turn it on. MotorMix2 will display "Open a ProTools session to begin" on the bottom row of the LCD display after it is powered up and the faders have moved to the bottom.

Both MotorMate and MotorMix2 use the MotorMix personality. 

For Pro Tools 6.4 , it is located on the installer CD at Additional Files/Unsupported Software/Controllers. Just drag it to the Controllers folder, which on OS X is: Applications/Digidesign/Pro Tools/Controllers

For Windows XP it's at: Program Files\CommonFiles\Digidesign\DAE\Controllers

You can find this information on the download page at: http://www.digidesign.com/download/controllers/

Downloads and Information:
Learn more about Digidesign.
Learn how to use MotorMate and MotorMix with Pro Tools.
Download a trial version of Pro Tools.

Download Digidesign software updates.

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