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Company Profile
CM Labs sells Control Surfaces and Audio Routers for recording studio and production facilities, touring and live sound, broadcast, home recording studios, and demo rooms.

CM Labs has been creating and producing professional audio hardware since 1990. These award winning products have been used in many cutting edge recording studios, major Broadway shows, Las Vegas showrooms, touring performances, theme parks, ocean cruise liners, churches and project studios. The customer list includes; Stevie Wonder, Warren Zevon, Graham Nash, Naut Humon Sound Traffic Control, Cirque du Soleil (Las Vegas & world tours), EFX (Las Vegas), Starlight Express (Las Vegas), Phantom of the Opera (New York), Universal Studios, the US Navy and many others. 

CM Labs was created to satisfy the need to pursue both the artistic and technical sides of music recording and presentation.

CM Labs products are all designed and manufactured in the United States of America. We use only the highest grade components available to us. We are very conscious of the trend to manufacture products overseas. In our opinion this lessens the quality of a product and contributes to global warming and weakening of our local economies. 

Carl Malone, is the "CM" of CM Labs and is the founder and Chief Product Designer. Carl’s childhood was spent growing up in Pasadena, CA. A father who scratch-built models, the scientific intellectual drive of the Cold War 50’s and an innocent curiosity about how things worked started Carl on his life’s path.

When it came time to go to college, Carl’s practical streak came out. Not optimistic about the economic prospects of a career as a performing musician, Carl instead directed his music/scientific interest into the study of Physics. The intent was to add fundamental science and disciplined research to his skill set.

From 1980 to 1990 Carl was a Physicist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). He worked on radiation testing  the microprocessor systems for the Galileo spacecraft. While at JPL, Carl obtained 2 patents on novel particle detectors.

By this time, Carl was an accomplished musician on vocals, guitar and flute. In addition to producing many of his own recordings, he has also performed and re-corded with Ravi Shankar. He continued his association with Shankar, functioning as the chief sound engineer with Ravi Shankar’s Music Circle in Los Angeles for 12 years.

Carl was the inventor of the HUI product which is widely considered to be the first product of its type. He was also instrumental in the design of the Pro Control and has made many presentations about modern console design.

A few words from our founder:

When I design consoles, there are five important factors that I consider to create the best designs I can.  Consoles that operate mixing and editing functions must be successful for both.  A successful console design, regardless of price or size, has to satisfy these factors.  

LEARNABILITY: The console should be easy to learn, so the engineer can rapidly learn, operate it and feel comfortable using it.  A successful design must accommodate the learning needs of new users, but not impede the speed and depth requirements of expert users.

EFFICIENCY:  The console should be efficient to use, so that once the engineer has learned to operate it, a high level of productivity is achieved.

MEMORABILITY:  The console should be easy to remember, so the engineer can return to the console after some period of not using it and immediately be comfortable and productive without retraining.

LOW ERROR RATE: The console should have a low error rate so engineers make few errors during console use and, if errors are made, they can easily recover, and catastrophic errors must not occur.

SATISFACTION:  The console should be pleasant to us, so engineers are satisfied when they use it and enjoy using it day in and day out.

I am gratified by the many awards and very positive responses we get from our many customers. 


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