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Control Surface Audio Router Rebuild Offer

Get your classic MotorMix rebuilt by the factory. Make it last even longer !

MotorMix is  a great machine and this rebuild package is a great opportunity to add new life your favorite DAW console.

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What's New ! !
MotorMix has a birthday ! 
The classic MotorMix was first introduced 10 years ago! Most are still in service and are going strong! I am happy that my consoles have proven to be desirable and reliable!
Thanks for your support !
Carl Malone

24 Channel Console

We can connect a MotorMate and two MotorMix2's or three MotorMix2's if you want a 24 channel console.
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Digital Audio Workstation Built  in America  to Last! 

Compact DAW Console

MotorMate features 100mm, precision touch-sensitive faders, and an 80 character display for easy viewing of track labels, pan positions, send levels and plug-ins. The 8 endless rotary pots are high res single turn types superior to any other console. Connect your mix outputs to the MIM (monitor interface module) which is included with each MotorMate, for on/off and level control of control room and studio speaker feeds. A third knob controls the level sent to the front panel headphone jack. MotorMate also has controls to control our SixtyFour studio router so you can control all your outboard gear's routing and levels (including surround decoders and speaker sets) right from the console ! ! No other Console on the market has this level of integration !  MotorMate is also more compact than any other DAW console available. The full sized transport switches and balanced aluminum jog-shuttle wheel are strictly first cabin in quality and you will really enjoy using them to speed through your editing. The Zoom  and Rotary sections each have one of our  5-way "Zoom Sticks" which provide unparalleled Mix and Edit window navigation. Protools supports use of one MotorMate and up to three MotorMix2 units to control of 32 channel banks. Nothing comes close to the quality of MotorMate . . More...



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